Always carry~Never use.


Hello and thank you for coming to Gun-ICE, the home of the little orange safety cards.

We started the idea in 2014 and its grown and grown, from a simple idea to a fully fledged concept and on through to full production, first the classic paper cards and now the lifetime all weather cards.

Our mantra is Always carry ~ Never use, and we hope as our customers you never need to use your ICE cards for an emergency situation, but should the need arise rest assured, the paramedics and other emergency services will be grateful to find yours on your person.


You don’t have to wear them around your neck they slide in to most rucksacks and kit bags in visible side pockets, hang on the interior mirror in a vehicle or fit into a wallet or purse. We wanted safety from the start so our pouches/holder are made from a flexible plastic, and our lanyards are a narrow breakaway version so wont “hang up” if they get caught on anything.

We have sadly heard of several folks who have staff ID lanyards and keep house keys and stuff of them being involved in car RTA incidents and being injured by the items on the lanyard, one was a staffing nurse who ended up with a perforated bowel.



With the backing of so many companies Gun ICE has gone from a concept through to full production of this simple yet great idea.



Parents, children, toddlers and even the odd pet has an ICE card.

Easily seen and spotted about the person these Orange cards are in a clear flexible holder with an orange breakaway lanyard. Our lanyards are designed to come apart if a tug force is applied, in tests the lanyards breaks at 145g force, so no Danger of being caught or Hung up on anything.


Armed with this additional medical information, first responders can access this information from the victim’s ICE Card, in the event of an emergency.

In the event of a medical emergency, it is critical to have this information within the golden hour, which can increase the chances of survival.

ICE started in the UK by a London Paramedic and took off around the world.


With so many people out enjoying the great outdoors, we are now being used by motor bikers, horse riders, adventure cyclists, and ramblers, hunters, pest controllers, hobbyist shooters, survival guys, preppers and wild campers, old folks, pets, toddlers, children, rock climbers, daredevils and nuns..


In Germany, the In Case of Emergency concept has been criticized for several reasons:

  • Medical service personnel on site normally do not have the time to contact relatives.
  • Information stored in a phone is thus useless for medical care prior to hospital.
  • Contacting relatives of a seriously injured person is a sensitive task
  • And is not carried out by telephone in the first place.

It is recommended that one carries contact information and relevant medical information in writing inside one’s wallet,or person and not rely on mobile ICE contacts as a primary means of identification.

Many smartphone models have dedicated ICE contact information functionality either built into the OS or available as apps. Saving duplicate phone numbers on a phone without dedicated ICE functionality may cause the ICE and regular contacts to be combined, or cause the caller ID to fail for incoming calls from a close friend or relative. (To avoid this, some use the “tel:” URI scheme to put the phone number in the ICE contact’s “home page” field.)


Reliance on phones are a slim choice, signal issues, network crashes, battery life and critical errors, all push to have a permanent item on the person.



Orange is now the recognized safety colour for shooters and hunter alike.

There are four main blood groups defined by the ABO system:

  • blood group A – has A antigens on the red blood cells with anti-B antibodies in the plasma
  • blood group B  – has B antigens with anti-A antibodies in the plasma
  • blood group O  – has no antigens, but both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma
  • blood group AB  – has both A and B antigens, but no antibodies

Blood group O is the most common blood group. Almost half of the UK population (48%) has blood group O. 

Receiving blood from the wrong ABO group can be life threatening. For example, if someone with group B blood is given group A blood, their anti-A antibodies will attack the group A cells.

This is why group A blood must never be given to someone who has group B blood and vice versa.

As group O red blood cells don’t have any A or B antigens, it can safely be given to any other group.

In the booklet you write your own information in, from name and address to your allergies and blood group, It even has slots to enter if you hold or carry shotgun or Firearms certificate.

The Ice Cards come as a kit with the clear flexible holder and orange breakaway lanyard, for a great price of just £3.50. and that small amount could save your life.

We also sell the kits as a spares service please look in the shop here:


Plastic pouch / holder

Replacement Classic Card.



We have had fantastic support from all of the shooting community, and would like to thank our sponsors who with out there help none of this would of been possible.


So we have the classic Paper folding card which we still sell on site and we have just launched the new fully waterproof models.

Paper card sales follow this link:




We have also worked behind the scenes for a very long time to bring you these, our Lifetime weatherproof cards. These will also be on sale in our shop, and will retail for £5-00 which includes your details printed into the laminate card and posted to you. Included is our orange breakaway lanyard and clear flexible holder.

Yes, you heard correct a lifetime card, for the duration of your life we shall keep our promise to always carry ~ never use. if you loose it or manage to deface or destroy it through normal use we will issue another free of charge, you just pay postal cost.


For us to print the lifetime card.

We require a bit of your personal information, which is held on Googles server, to be able to print these cards you MUST pop over to our registration page and fill in a few questions about yourself so we can then print that information on the reverse of the laminate card.

On purchase PayPal should take you to the registration page if not here is the link: Here:



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The history of ICE is a great story, in 2005 paramedic Bob Brotchie, Came up with the idea of being able to notify a person or persons family in an emergency situation. Using there mobile phone with contacts listed as ICE- Mum or ICE-1. and following his hard work it has become internationally known.We contacted Bob as he loves great ideas that help support the  ICE idea, and this s what he had to say.


“As an emergency responder, you want to focus on the casualty, especially when they are uncommunicative through illness or trauma. Rapid, uncomplicated access to the next-of-kin, the ability to confirm the identity – whilst alerting the loved ones – is key. With ‘Gun-ICE’, not only is this made clear via the Orange colour scheme, but additional health details can also be made available – fast. And as the founder of the ICE Campaign, I am only too pleased to see this simple, yet so effective additional measure made available, and at low-cost.” Good luck, best wishes. Bob Brotchie, Ice Founder.

To read more about ICE click, Here.



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