Mark’s Story.

Always carry~Never use.

This is how Gun-ICE started folks.

The concept came from reading a friends story, he suffered a heart attack whilst out shooting, He had his dogs and a live fire rifle, his trusty 17hmr with him, the ambulance crew along with having to get our friend Mark sorted and finding out his information, also then had the extra issues of his car,dogs and rifle, so had to call the police out to secure everything, which cost valuable time in this now emergency situation.


Mark was starting to pass out and struggled to answer the services questions, so the idea was born that as shooters, weather your are a lone air rifle hunter, or a top field coach you carry this simple idea, set on an orange lanyard, your details are held in a 2 page booklet or on our Lifetime card.

Mark second row 2nd from right.


Lee, Marks son emailed this to us:

This idea is absolutely brilliant!

I’m Lee,son of Mark Brannan .

If he only had one of these that day, his rifles optics and nv equipment would have been returned and handled as it should have been,as soon as the funds are in my account I’m having one.

Top idea people.My dad can’t praise you enough . And this will most definitely help save countless lives in the future..

Lee Mark’s son.