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Donate to gun-ice. £5.00
Donate to gun-ice.

Please donate to our non profit system.Thank you.
GunICE ID Cards £3.50
GunICE ID Cards

Get you GunICE, ID Cards, Included in the price is the cards, flexible holder and lanyard.Including shipping to mainland UK.

Now being used by many more people than shooters, including, bikers, cyclists and walkers.


Please ask about overseas shipping.

Also allow 14 days for shipping.
Wallet ICE £2.25
Wallet ICE

Our ICE Cards fit in your wallet perfectly.
Gun-ice Spare card. £2.25
Gun-ice Spare card.

Replacement ICE card.
Gun-ice Plastic holder. £1.00
Gun-ice Plastic holder.

Replacement holder.
gun-ice Lanyard £0.60
gun-ice Lanyard

Replacement orange lanyard.
Gun-ice. European delivery. £8.00
Gun-ice. European delivery.

Sent to all EU countries.
gun-ice USA Delivery. £10.00
gun-ice USA Delivery.

Delivery to USA.

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