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Right folks a joint project between The Countryman’s diary, the guys at Pass it On and Gun ICE and the Ole hedge creeper sites.

We are holding Raffles throughout the year to raise funds for the kid’s new equipment at pass it on. They need new shooting tables, bench rest. Fishing rods and many other great bits of kits we use.

So we are holding raffles of hunting starter kits with a fantastic selection of gear to get you started.

Prizes are still coming in to the office, but here is a selection of what you could win.

  • Eco-Tec 101 electronic fox caller.
  • Pigeon decoy shells.
  • Hunting, Baseball caps.
  • A, good quality Nikko, rifle scope.
  • A custom handmade fox call.
  • A high grade lamping foxes beanie hat.
  • Your silencer dipped by Aquagraphix in any pattern you choose.
  • A custom made walking stick for a junior, 30” tall.
  • Calef Calls wildfowling DVD’s.
  • Calef Calls hoodie.
  • Hugget stubby silencer.
  • Hugget standard silencer.
  • Yearly membership to Pass it on.
  • Pairs of Gun-ICE cards.


Too name, but a few. All prizes are going to be sorted into their relevant boxes. And will be raffled during the coming months.

So we would like to thank all of the people who donated a prize for us.

Tickets will be £2.00, and can be purchased via our PayPal, the prize boxes will be in the following order;

  • Fox.
  • Rabbit.
  • Pigeon.
  • Wildfowl.
  • And of course, the Mystery box.


You can enter multiple times but please do it in 1 transaction. The competition is open to anybody over the age of 14.


The boxes will be shown on the diary site along with gun ice and the old hedge creeper Pass it on.

Also on the, respective Facebook pages.

Good Luck folks.


For your chance to win some of these great prizes enter here:Raffle.